Ignite Youth Registration

Ignite Youth Registration

Effective from 9/2/18 to 25/12/18 

Parent / Caregiver 1

Parent / Caregiver 2

Emergency Contact

Alternative to parent/caregiver

Privacy Declaration

Anglican Churches Springwood is exempt from the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) as it is a “small business”. However, we seek to deal carefully with the personal information we collect and to do so in a manner consistent with your reasonable expectations. More information is set out in our privacy policy on our website.

The personal information in this form will be made available to –

(a) the Ignite Youth Leaders involved in the running of the activities in which your child participates, and

(b) medical and emergency services if considered necessary.

Authorisations & Expectations

• I give permission for my child to attend all scheduled Ignite Youth activities.

• I authorise the Ignite Youth leaders, in the event of an emergency, to obtain at my expense any medical, ambulance, rescue or other services that are considered necessary for my child.

• I will provide the Ignite Youth leaders with any information relevant to the wellbeing of my child prior to him or her attending a Ignite Youth activity.

• I confirm that the information given in this form is true and correct, and will advise Edward Stocks of any changes to this information.

Child - Personal Details


Medical and Care Needs